What’s The Secret?

3M and TPT

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"Newton’s Apple" was a national Emmy award winning children’s science television series created by TPT: Twin Cities Public Television.

Our team at ICONOS partnered with TPT and 3M Learning Software to re-imagine the stories and video assets of "Newton’s Apple" as a series of interactive CD-ROM publications, entitled "What’s the Secret?"

We built on the core ideas of the show, presenting a variety of real-world science concepts from a kid’s perspective – and we expanded with interactive explorations, tours, and games that simulated real word conditions – and allowed kids to directly manipulate relationships, test ideas, and see results.

Three volumes were created and distributed to the public in this series. The 3-year project included a $1.5 million dollar budget and an extended team of 40 people.

Over its lifetime, the CD series was highly praised in press reviews. It also has received more than 25 awards for children’s education.

- Project Co-Leader
- Senior UX/UI Designer
- Content Development
- Software Development


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