Werner Bischof

Werner Bischof Estate

The Concerned Photographer

Werner Bischof was a founding member of the Magnum Photos, a photography cooperative that started in the late 1940’s. His camera and his commitment to show the human reality of the world became a hallmark of the new photo-journalism that emerged after World War II.

Marco Bischof and Carl Philabaum developed this interactive biography of Werner Bischof’s life and work. I collaborated with them to design the user interface and create the graphic illustrations. The resulting CD-ROM presents Werner’s progress from child to world-reknown photographer. Follow his travels, explore his photographs and exhibition drawings, and hear his thoughts through his dairies, letters, and sketches.

You can also explore the world of his time by hearing colleagues describe Bischof’s work, passion and technique – and see the impact of world events surrounding him.

- UX/UI Designer
- Graphic Designer
- Graphic Artist


Werner Bischof at Magnum Photos
Werner Bischof Estate
Minneapolis 2003 Exhibition (Flash)