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As part of its commitment to providing excellent energy products and services, Xcel Energy has created Energy Classroom to provide interactive energy educational materials for students and teachers across the country. This project has been developed over multiple years and continues to expand and receive praise from teachers and students. The site has won multiple awards.

Energy Classroom is designed for students in grades three to five and their teachers. It offers a range of interactive content, including video stories, games, and downloadable worksheets, activities and experiments. It also offers special “tours” of a power plant, renewable energy sources, and a wind farm. In these tours, users can go “behind the scenes” to see how a power plant or wind farm works, how it is planned and constructed, and what are the issues to solve.

Energy Classroom’s content was developed with the help of a teacher review team and content specialists, who assessed each stage of development. The video stories are based on video assets created within the company. The site, tours, and worksheets are designed to reflect Xcel Energy’s branding guidelines. 

The first generation of tours and stories were developed in Flash. The recent Wind Farm Tour was developed for both desktop and mobile devices. Future development will expand the site’s mobile outreach.

- Wider audience.
- Reduced distribution costs over previous print mailing.
- Praised by teachers and students.
- Won multiple awards.
- Extended annually.
- Stories created for this project have been used in other areas of Xcel Energy.

- UX/UI Designer
- Creative Director
- Content Development


Energy Classroom
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