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This web site was 3M’s first effort to move their brand identity guidelines onto the web. Our Design Team was one of four teams involved in this project, which included us, 3M’s internal identity group, and the print identity and web production teams. We also created workflow processes to smoothly coordinate the project among us.

This project consolidated existing brand identity guidelines and assets into one place. It included portals for employees, vendors, distributors and retailers. It translated print-based identity materials into online interactive resources, and offered new services to help use 3M’s identity guidelines more easily and effectively.

With four collaborating teams, this was a large project. To help coordinate between our diverse teams, we designed a network-accessible style guide, using a Filemaker database, to share design guidelines, and store, access, and update project assets.

This site was used for more than three years, and became the basis for successive versions of 3M’s identity services.

- UX/UI Senior Designer
- Team Co-Leader


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