Thought Into Action

University of St. Thomas

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The University of St. Thomas asked us to create their first interactive recruitment tool to reach students across the country. The CD-ROM and companion web site we created – “Putting Thought Into Action” – allowed students to take a virtual tour of the campus, learn what is special about St. Thomas, and experience the energy and spirit of its campus life.

You can walk around campus, ask questions, interview students, and bump into friends who talk with you as they rush to class. Sometimes they may walk into your screen unexpectedly. The experience combines easily accessible information with the feeling of an informal visit.

During the time this project was used, research confirmed that it was a positive influencing factor in over 20% of students’ decision to attend St. Thomas. It also won several awards for college admission materials.

- Project Leader
- Creative Director
- Senior UX/UI Designer
- Software Development


University of St. Thomas