Wind Farm Tour

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Catch The Wind!

The most recent tour in Energy Classroom is a virtual Wind Farm Tour. It reflects the design of previous tours with videos, photos and illustrations to go behind the scenes of a wind farm. 

The Wind Farm Tour is the first tour in Energy Classroom that is designed for both desktop and mobile devices. The interface is designed for mobile touchscreens. Video and photos can be expanded to full-screen to present in class.

The Tour features a 3D wind turbine with animations and images to see the inner parts of a large wind turbine, and to see a turbine’s yaw and pitch movements in action. 

Users can also “climb” up to the top of a tall turbine, and see the view from over 300 feet (91 meters) above ground. It is a long climb! Be sure to buckle your safety harness!

- UX/UI Designer
- Creative Director
- Content Development
- 3D Designer and Animator
- Illustrator


Wind Farm Tour
Energy Classroom
Xcel Energy


This video shows samples of 3D animations created for the project. We chose to create a stylized model of a wind turbine, to feature the main components that a wind turbine needs to work. Some parts have bright colors to highlight them, and some are transparent to see what is happening inside.