Wind Farm Tour

Xcel Energy

Catch The Wind!


The Wind Farm Tour is designed to be a “first-person” video tour. It is part of Xcel Energy’s Energy Classroom series. Like previous tours, it leverages existing video to build the tour. It is based on research with teachers to define what they need to teach energy concepts. It is designed to be used in classrooms, so all videos and images can be presented full-screen.

The Tour features twelve video stories, an animated 3D wind turbine, photos, and infographics. Users can also “climb” up to the top of a turbine, and see the view from over 300 feet (91 meters) above ground. It is a long climb! Be sure to buckle your safety harness!

- UX/UI Designer
- Creative Director
- Content Developer
- 3D Designer and Animator
- Illustrator

- Design for classroom education for the Xcel Energy market.
- Leverage existing Xcel Energy video of wind farms.
- Enable both desktop and mobile interaction.

- Have the feeling of actually being at a wind farm
- Learn science and engineering behind a wind farm.
- Understand how wind farms are part of national energy system.

- Positive feedback from teachers.
- Continuing to be used in classrooms.
- Was featured in Xcel Energy promotional materials.


Wind Farm Tour
Energy Classroom
Xcel Energy


Play this video shows to see the tour’s 3D animated wind turbine. I created a stylized model to feature the turbine’s main components. Some parts have bright colors to highlight them, and some are transparent to see what happens inside. The animations show the turbine’s yaw and pitch movements, and travel down to its underground connections.

Are you ready to go to the top? In this topic you can climb to top of a tall wind turbine with a first-person point of view.