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ZebraZapps is a cloud-based e-learning authoring application developed by Allen Interactions to rapidly develop performance-based learning experiences. It uses visual programming with wires, ribbons, tables, and gadget objects to build smart interactions with remarkable speed and flexibility. 

It includes tools to conceive and create immersive interactions and simulations to reflect a learner’s experience in the real world. Ideas can be prototyped with sketches, and then replaced with final production art. Lessons can be published to a variety of platforms, including learning management systems (LMS), desktop and mobile devices, and social media.

I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Michael Allen, the founder of Allen Interactions, to design the user experience and user interface for ZebraZapps. I developed design concepts from sketch through production. As ZebraZapps progressed, I also managed style guides, object taxonomy, and supporting data for key elements, such as “ribbon libraries”. To support the authoring experience, I designed templates, message flow, and demos for desktop and mobile. I also designed the product logo and identity.

- Create high-level interactions and simulations
- Evaluate performance
- Build custom gadgets to increase efficiency
- Reduce development time
- Publish to multiple platforms

- UX/UI Senior Designer
- Interaction Designer
- Developer


ZebraZapps Video Tutorials
Allen Interactions

Objects can be wired together to simulate real-world tasks. You can prototype a simulation with sketches to define the interaction. Then replace sketches with production art to complete the project.

Play the video above to see this example.