Dairy Queen
Sandwich Training

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This experiential learning was developed by Dairy Queen to train employees how to prepare their new DQ Bakes™ hot sandwiches. The project was developed in the ZebraZapps authoring tool. Learners are asked to assemble a sandwich, bake it in a new fast oven, and serve it to the customer. To create a successful sandwich, the procedure must be done in a particular sequence.

The example shown here starts with a pre-built sandwich. It shows selected screens from the full sequence. The learner bakes the sandwich, adds fresh ingredients, and serves it to the customer.

This training uses photographic components to represent the actual working environment. As the learner progresses through the sequence, questions are asked at each decision point. They answer each one correctly to continue. At any time, they can review the overall process with the "Hint" button.

- UX/UI Designer
- Instructional Development
- Media Developer


Allen Interactions