Universal Press Syndicate
“This is by far the best science education program I’ve seen in years.”

Multimedia World
“What’s the Secret? is one of the best science programs available today.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Every once in a while, an educational program comes along that you’d like to give not only to your own kids but to all the children in school.”

A Parent’s Guide to Educational Software
“Each screen is lavishly illustrated and detailed, like pages of a colorful kid’s workbook. . . the level of detail is impressive.”

Computer Graphics World
“Kids schmidz - I’ll bet you’ll fight for mouse control over this CD.”

MacHome Journal
“It teaches kids about science the way they like to learn: by entertaining them, and by letting them choose exactly what they want to learn about.”

Lexington Herald-Leader
“This is one great field trip!”

Boston Computer Museum Guide to Best Software for Kids Kidsource.com
“It’s the best science discovery program we’ve seen. What’s the Secret? gives kids a real feel for doing ... and understanding ... and enjoying ... science. Based on the award-winning science TV show Newton’s Apple, “What’s the Secret?” is part adventure, part live-action lab and 100% terrific.”

Educational Software Report Card
“Highest Rating of Excellence”

indelible News!
“What’s the Secret?” volume 2 is even better than volume 1. This is a fine example of a CD that delivers everything it promises. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for volume 3.”

That’s Edutainment!
“Four Star Rating of Excellence”

Washington Post
“… this CD-ROM instantly rises to the front ranks of science edutainment ware. This is all awfully well done.”

The Sacramento Bee
“It’s a bright combination of complex science made understandable and fun.”

Columbus Dispatch
“This CD is very well done. It squarely hits children right in the imagination.”

5 stars. If your kids love science, they’ll go bonkers for “ What’s the Secret? Volume 2!” “What’s the Secret? Volume 2” sets a gold standard for science education aimed at elementary age children.